The Grapes are starting to move….

I cant remember the grapes starting to get leaves this early in the season.  The wierd weather must be confusing them. With California in the grips of severe drought and with the Santa Clara Valley Water Nazis demanding a 20% reduction in use or sanctions,  It looks bad for wine and good for raisins.  On the other hand,  if I let my lawn go and water the grapes instead,  my yield I might actually be pretty good . .  This is the advantage of only 50 vines vs 5000.  This year I need to put down bird nets when the grapes start turning dark.


No fishing today.  Woke up at 5:00am and called the wind lady.  It was blowing 18mph.  Next week they are predicting temps in the 80s!  The warming trend begins.  Its going to get fun at San Luis pretty soon!

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