Preparing for the Delta Quest.

ScreenShot003This year,  I decided to make a good effort to learn how to flyfish the Delta for Stripers.  It is possibly one of the best fisheries in the North American Continent, and its only an hour and a half from home.  Yet,  I dont know hardly anything about it.   Driving a boat to and back from the Delta is hardly worth one afternoon of fishing and I am convinced that the magic early morning and late evening hours is where much of the magic happens.  To really put hours on the delta,  I need to keep a boat there.   I am deeply grateful to Dan Blanton for arranging a monthly discount at Sugarbarge for the RV and Boat for fly fishermen.    I was beginning to think I needed to buy real estate there in order to fulfill the quest.    This October,  we will be taking the old motorhome to Sugerbarge for the entire fall and winter Striper season.  With my current work schedule,  I will be able to fish Friday evening to Mondayevening — potentially 4  days a week for  10 weeks!     By leaving the boat in a wet slip at the Sugarbarge Marina,, it will be much easier to fish the evenings and morning  “half days”  that I would normally  miss when I trailer my boat from home.    I have been preparing the motor home for the quest and Chris at Almaden RV has assured me that everything is top condition and ready to go.




There are lists of things to prepare.  I will  need the  ability to watch 49r  and Ducks football from the Delta in the boat and at the camp.   The MOHO has the big screen and I have been told that one can receive OTA broadcast of the major networks from Sacramento.  Ill need a HD OTA antenna.   At least the campground claims to have WIFI and  I think I have the streaming down to a science on San Luis Reservoir so hopeful no problems there and on the water with LTE and an IPAD.    The worse scenario is that I sub a DISH plan for a couple months.     My second  main concern is leaving the boat in the water all the time.   I’m not use to locking everything up, but I have lockable hatches and Ill have to make sure things are put away when Im not there.  I decided to refurb my old Twin Eagle  30 inch BBQ and leave it at the campsite.  I think having a real BBQ at camp will make the meals easier even though there is full hookups with sewer, water and electricity (microwave!)   I still think its fast to BBQ something quick.

Finally,  Ive been putting together a map of fishing areas and preparing gear to leave at SB.  Boxes of flytying equipment and twisted leader materials.  Cameras chargers and video equipment and computers…  Its endless.   In a couple weeks I should have everthing ready.  Till then,  I have two more weeks to fish San Luis Reservoir,  and Im going to make the best of it.

Hopefully,  I can hitch a ride with someone if I decide to fish San Luis instead for a weekend if don’ have a boat.



Addendum: Friday 9-19-2014

Tracy got back to me today and we are good to go -RV  Site 21 (next to Dan)  and the boat in “C” block  starting October 3 to March.

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  1. You can hitch a ride with me to SLR if it picks up during the time your at the delta. Any time!
    Sounds like a great plan on the Delta.

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